Vanaheimr School is a day school for Nordic students aged 1-12. It has approximately 11 new students each year, normally 7 is from Sweden, 2 is from Denmark, 1 from Norway and 1 from Finland. 

The student can be enrolled the month after its 1st birthday. The students begin formal schooling in August in the calendar year in which the student is 6 years. 


  • Grade 0 (age 6): Swedish and Visual Arts
  • Grade 1 (age 7): Swedish, Mathematics and Music
  • Grade 2 (age 8): Swedish, Mathematics and Drama
  • Grade 3 (age 9): Swedish, Mathematics and Society
  • Grade 4 (age 10): Swedish, Mathematics, Society and Potions
  • Grade 5 (age 11): Swedish, Mathematics, Society, Old Norse, Potions and English