Thomas More
Biographical Information
Born 7 February 1478 (died 6 July 1535)
Place of birth City of London, England
Parentage Half-blood (muggle father, wizard mother)
Descent English
Marital status Married twice
Title Sir, Saint (for Roman Catholics)
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye color Blue
Family information
Family Unknown
Residence City of London, England
Magical Characteristics
Wand Blackthorn, Dragon heartstring, 11"
Patronus Unknown
Occupation Speaker of the House of Commons (1523)

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (1525-1529) Lord Chancellor (1529-1532) Lawyer Author

House Ravenclaw
Hogwarts Education Homeschooled from 1492
Declared religion Roman Catholic

Astrology Sun in Aquarius
Loyalty Roman Catholic Church