Sophie Melissa Lazenby née Roper


Early lifeEdit

Sophie was born on 11 August 1980 to two muggle-born parents, John William Roper and Sandra Helen Roper née Mitchell. She was born and raised in a poor lower class family in sourthern Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Both her paternal and maternal granparents had been coal miners. Her mother had been a Slytherin and her father a Ravenclaw. Her parents had been working in the muggle textile industy, but were unemployed when the textile factories shut down in the 1980s. They therefore relied heavily on benefits from the muggle state. No wizarding social security existed in the 1980s. Sometimes, her mother was able to find a part-time job as a waiter in Diagon Alley.

When Sophie was 3, she got a little sister, Hannah. Sophie showed early signs of magic and her father decided to teach her at home until age 11. She was taught both muggle and magical subjects.

Hogwarts educationEdit