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Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden

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The Norwegian Ministry of Magic is the main governing body of the wizarding community in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden.


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Ministers for MagicEdit

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Department of Law and International AffairsEdit

  • Folk council
  • International Confederation of Wizards, Nordic seats
  • Directory of International Trade
  • Directory of Aurors and Defence
  • Directory of International law
  • Directory of Juridical Affairs
  • Directory of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes

Department of CultureEdit

  • Directory of Quidditch
  • Directory of International Culture
  • Directory of Anti-discrimination
  • Directory of Youth
  • Directory of Spell Registration

Department of Social SecurityEdit

  • Finance, taxation, administration and Gringotts cooperation
  • Directory of Education
  • Directory of Housing
  • Directory of Research
  • Directory of House Elves Relocation
  • Directory of Public Information

Department of TransportationEdit

  • Directory of Floo Network
  • Directory of Broom Regulations
  • Directory of International Train Regulations
  • Directory of Portkeys
  • Directory of Apparation

Department of Magical CreaturesEdit

  • Directory of Dragon Control
  • Directory of Kelpie Control
  • Directory of Goblin and Centaur Liaison
  • Directory of Spirits and Beings
  • Directory of Various Magical Beasts

International Confederation of Wizards, Nordic SeatsEdit

The Nordic Ministry have 5 seats. The seats are filled by people from the folk council. The person from each country who gets the most votes is also in the ICW. In the election period 2010-2014 the following are members of ICW:

  • Brynja Arnarsdóttir (Iceland)
  • Hilda Gustafsson (Sweden)
  • Ole Hjelm (Denmark)
  • Helena Mattila (Finland)
  • Trym Rolvsson (Norway)


The Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic wizarding community is served by a Swedish secondary school and a Swedish primary school.

Asbrú SkolíEdit

Asbrú School is the secondary school, which lies in Sweden and serves students from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland aged 12-19. The students attend the boarding school for 7 years and start year 1 the calendar year in which they turn 12. They start 3 years of upper secondary school in year 5, the calendar year in which they turn 16. Homeschooling is legal, but unheard of. The school lies in Northern Sweden.

Vanaheimr SkolaEdit

Vanaheimr School is a Swedish primary school that serves students from the 5 countries from age 1-12. The school lies hidden from muggles in Stokholm, Sweden.

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