Asbrú School (Asbrú Skolí) is a secondary school serving the countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden from the Norwegian Ministry of Magic. It has an enrollment of 210 students. The language of instruction is Swedish.

Year GroupsEdit

Lower secondary

  • Year 1: 12-13 (the students start in August the calendar year in which they turn 12)
  • Year 2: 13-14
  • Year 3: 14.15
  • Year 4: 15-16

Upper secondary

  • Year 5: 16-17 (the students start in August the calendar year in chich they turn 16)
  • Year 6: 17-18
  • Year 7: 18-19


Compulsory subjects year 1-4Edit

  • Charms (trollformellära)
  • Herbology (Örtlära)
  • Rune study (runskrift)
  • Transfiguration (förvandlingskonst)
  • Old Norse (Fornnordiska)
  • Potions (Troldryckskonst)
  • Defence against the Dark Arts (Försvar mot Svartkonst)
  • History of Magic (Trolldomshistoria)

The students sit exams after 4th year and again after 7th year. After 4th year, they can continue with the subjects they wish, and they can choose electives:

  • Fortune-telling (Spådomskonst)
  • Arithmancy (Talmagi)
  • Astronomy (Astronomi)
  • Music, drama and arts (Musik, dramatik och konst)
  • Magizoology (Magizoologi)
  • Muggle Studies (mugglarstudier)

The average number of subjects that a student takes in upper secondary is 5. Minimum number is 3 (must include 1 core and 1 elective) and maximum is 14 (in reality no one takes all subjects)


  • 5: Very well (mycket bra)
  • 4: Good (bra)
  • 3: Satisfactory (tillfredsställande)
  • 2: Elementary (elementär)
  • 1: Poor (dålig)

1 is failing grade, 2-5 are passing grades. A student must achieve a 2 in order to take the subject in upper secondary.


In the first year, all the girls sleep in one dorm, and the boys sleep in another. After 1 year, the girls sleep together two and two and the same with the boys. The teachers make the rooms. The last year they have their own room in a separate building.